YWCA Silicon Valley strives to improve the emotional, mental, and behavioral wellness of our community by offering a variety of programs and services.

School-Based Counseling: Elementary, Middle, and High-Schools

Most school systems, due to lack of resources, count on agencies such as YWCA Silicon Valley to provide quality therapy for students experiencing symptoms of stress and/or trauma that is interfering with their ability to learn and move successfully through school.


We provide competent, trauma-informed, client-driven, empowerment-based clinical services to help in the healing for these students and their families.

We provide these services through our school-based program located on many campuses in the San Jose Unified School District.

Human Trafficking: Demand Reduction, VALOR, CSEC, and Individual Therapy Services

YWCA Silicon Valley provides a variety of programs in the area of demand reduction, early intervention for sex workers, and individual therapy for adult and child victims of human trafficking.


Our Valor Program, or Early Intervention Prostitution Program (EIPP), was established in July 2014, and is the only diversion program of its kind in Santa Clara County. We provide information, tools, and referrals to support participants who are trying to leave the life of sex work. The District Attorney’s office will refer individuals who are charged with a first- time offense for solicitation of a sex act or loitering with the intent of prostitution, and who are deemed eligible.


Participants typically have experienced past trauma such as childhood sexual abuse, physical abuse, as well as lack of family support and stability.


This six-week diversion program is designed to assist in building life skills, and individual and/or group therapeutic support, and to provide participants with tools and community referrals.


We also run a group specifically for girls at risk for trafficking called HOPE; this program is focused on commercial sexually exploited children. By providing opportunities to discuss and define trafficking and a focus on strength, values and self-esteem, our therapists provide new experiences of trust and acceptance to girls who have experienced trauma, loss, and rejection.


In the area of demand reduction, in cooperation with the Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office, we operate a First Offender Prostitution Program (FOPP). FOPP is an intervention for men who solicit, agree to engage in or engage in any act of prostitution. The FOPP is a one-day, 5-hour long program that includes educational seminars and presentations by survivors of commercial sexual exploitation, law enforcement officials, public health workers, residents of highly impacted neighborhoods, domestic violence counselors, and human trafficking experts.


In addition, victims of human trafficking are referred to us from a variety of sources, and we are able to provide individual therapy services to them.

Mobile Counseling (ARISE)

ARISE is about increasing access to therapy services. This program offers individuals and families the opportunity to receive therapy services in their communities.


We have developed this program to bring trauma-informed therapy services to housing projects, Domestic Violence shelters, and at-risk youth centers and schools. There are unique challenges to providing mental health services in these settings, and the Healing Center’s therapists are trained, mentored, and supported to meet these challenges.

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