Welcome to the YWCA

Our Programs The services offered by the YWCA of Silicon Valley enable women, children, and families to learn, grow, and prosper. These programs, which have become a model for social-service efforts nationwide, address the fundamental human issues underlying poverty, violence, and family dysfunction. Of the over 16,000 women, children and men reached by YWCA's programs each year, 79% were children or teens and 65% were racial or ethnic minorities.

To ensure that everyone can benefit from our services, we will guide you in finding funding source information for our Child Care services, our other programs and services are offered free or on a sliding-scale basis. We will never let the economic challenges of residing in our Valley be a limit to those who need us most. Because when everyone has a chance, the entire world succeeds.

Funding for our programs and services is obtained from individual donors, our fundraising events, fees for services, and through government, corporate, and foundation grant funding. The YWCA of Silicon Valley is a 501(c) (3) non-profit social-services agency serving all of Santa Clara County.