A TechGYRLS® building an experiment

TechGYRLS® is a highly successful nation-wide YWCA after-school empowerment program that provides girls ages 5-14 with opportunities to increase their skills and confidence in the use of technology and engineering. TechGYRLS® was developed by the YWCA USA in 1997 after seeing the need to strengthen girls’ interest and competency in computer literacy — a key job skill in nearly every profession today. The goal of TechGYRLS® is to provide technology education in an all-girl environment where girls feel comfortable taking risks and opening up to new learning opportunities.

Elementary and middle school girls engage in activities to stimulate a deeper interest in technology using critical thinking, time management, teamwork, problem solving, and presentation skills. Career development is another component as the program tries to reach girls at a young age. Part of this is achieved through presentations given by professional women volunteers. These guest speakers provide an important link between the topics covered in TechGYRLS and the potential job opportunities waiting for them once they finish school.

Program Sites:

TechGYRLS currently operates in 5 schools in the San Jose Unified School District:

Herbert Hoover Middle School
Willow Glen Middle School
John Muir Middle School
Lee Mathson Middle School
Canoas Elementary School
YWCA West Valley Childcare Site

In order to keep the instruction personalized, TechGYRLS’ class sizes range from 15-20 students per class.

Topics and Activities:

Over the course of the program, TechGYRLS participants will cultivate their leadership and group work skill while simultaneously learning about STEM fields such as Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Environmental Engineering, and Computer Programing.

Specific projects that the girls will do include designing and building cars powered by balloons, building and programing robots, creating Rube Goldberg designs, figuring out how soap works, building toothpick towers, and so much more!

Volunteer Opportunities::
TechGYRLS is always looking for volunteers! Volunteer opportunities range from low to high, including guest speaking and leading the girls in a lesson. Even women with full-time jobs don’t have to take much time out of their busy days to connect with TechGYRLS!