Education & Outreach

The Education & Outreach team offers prevention education services to schools, youth-serving agencies, community organizations, colleges/universities, business, and social services agencies. Education programs are designed to prepare youth, adults, caregivers, and professionals to increase awareness about sexual assault, domestic violence, and human trafficking. Our programs dispel myths about sexual and domestic violence, promote healthy relationships, examine gender roles and how they relate to violence, inform individuals of YWCA services, and explore how each of us can become empowered to end violence in Santa Clara County. To request a presentation, please download and fill out this form (Presentation Request Form) then submit by e-mail to


Presentations can be customized to the client’s specific needs. To make sure we can best accommodate your request, please contact us to schedule a presentation at least 3 weeks minimum in advance of your planned date. For programs that are not grant funded, there is a cost associated with them. The cost is dependent upon several factors, including the topic and length of presentation selected, the number of participants per presentation, and the number of class periods we will speak to (for school-based presentations). For more information, to get a quote for services, or to schedule a presentation, connect with the Education & Outreach team at 408.649.7707 ext. 3611 or e-mail at


Educational Presentations for Professionals & Community Members
YWCA Silicon Valley offers presentations on topics, including (but not limited to):

YWCA Silicon Valley Services
Sexual Assault
How To Support a Survivor of Sexual Assault
Domestic Violence
Human Trafficking
Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children (CSEC)
Consent 101
Self-Care 101
Self-Care When Supporting A Survivor of Sexual Assault
Safe Bystander Engagement
Crisis Counseling Skills When Supporting SA and DV Survivors
Child Sexual Abuse Prevention
Child Sexual Abuse Prevention for Parents


Child Abuse Prevention Program (CAPP)
For students in grades K – 5, we discuss the topics of bullying and sexual abuse in an age-appropriate manner. We believe all children have the right to be safe and healthy at school and at home. Our goal is to teach young people in an engaging and age-appropriate way to recognize, resist, and report abuse. During our Child Abuse Prevention Program presentations, we teach children to use The Plan if they ever feel unsafe or unsure about something that is occurring in their life. The Plan has three steps: Say “No! Stop!”, Walk Away, and Tell Someone (like a trusted adult). In addition, we have confidential time immediately following each presentation with any child who requests it; this is a safe space for students to talk, ask questions, or share something they learned during the presentation. Our Child Abuse Prevention Program presentations run 35 – 55 minutes, depending on grade level, and are offered in a typical classroom setting.


Teen Empowerment Program (TEP)
We offer both a Middle School TEP and High School TEP.


In our Middle School Teen Empowerment Program presentations (for students in grades 6 – 8), we discuss the topics of bullying, sexual abuse, sexual harassment, and teen dating violence in an age-appropriate manner. During our Middle School Teen Empowerment Program presentations, we teach tools for staying safe such as: assertive communication, boundary setting, seeking peer support, and telling a trusted adult if students feel unsafe. Our Middle School Teen Empowerment Program presentation is offered during a 55 minute class period in a typical classroom setting.


In our High School Teen Empowerment Program presentations (for students in grades 9 – 12) we teach youth in an engaging and age-appropriate way about the realities of sexual assault, teen dating violence, bullying, gender socialization, and sexual harassment while promoting healthy communication skills and bystander intervention. The Teen Empowerment Programs encourage young people to stand up and speak out as allies against harassment, dating violence, and sexual abuse. We currently offer two lengths of presentation: the 1 Day Teen Empowerment Program (where the information is condensed into one presentation the length of a 55 minute class period) and the 3 day Teen Empowerment Program (where the information is more comprehensive and covers the length of three 55 minute class periods over three consecutive days).


Resource Fairs
YWCA Silicon Valley is thankful for the opportunity to be invited to various resource fairs in Santa Clara County. We are available to table at resource fairs based on availability of staff. Materials, resources, and brochures are available for pick-up for resource fairs if YWCA Silicon Valley is unable to attend.