Make A Donation

Every donation powers our service to survivors.
We are there for survivors when they call our support line 24/7.
In court when they face the perpetrator. And in counseling to start a healing journey. 

Your $25 investment provides…

  • small, essential, practical necessities for a sexual assault survivor
  • a sexual assault survivor a pair of sweat pants and a sweat shirt to wear after their medical exam
  • a counseling session for a depressed adolescent
  • one month of diapers to support a teen mom in our Teen Success Program

Your $50 investment provides…

  • food, clothing, toiletries and other essential items for families living in our shelter
  • a care-package for sexual assault survivors which includes toiletries, change of clothes, flip-flops, and a teddy bear
  • art and play therapy supplies for counselors in 2 middle schools
  • one field trip for 10 children in our childcare centers
  • materials for five TechGYRLS classes on the Scientific Method
  • one month of VTA transportation to support a teen mother in getting to school and work

Your $75 investment provides…

  • enriching board games to teach families with child abuse or neglect how to work and play together collaboratively
  • one crisis counseling session for an adolescent contemplating suicide
  • four individual art projects for 60 children enrolled in Child Care
  • markers and pencils for two years for TechGYRLS program
  • materials for 10 TechGYRLS classes learning about the Sun and Moon

Your $100 investment provides…

  • bilingual, toll-free hotline services for individuals in danger from domestic violence
  • a MyStrength group for young men, who learn about sexual assault mythology, define feminity/masculinity and tools to help end sexual violence
  • 1 session of licensed therapy for a new mother suffering from post-partum depression
  • art and educational supplies for one six-week program at one of our child care centers
  • art and play-therapy supply for one year of counseling on two middle school campuses
  • 6 months of clothing for a baby of a mother in our Teen Success Program
  • TechGYRLS students with the opportunity to create their own stop-motion animation films
  • every student in TechGYRLS with her own science observation notebook

Your $250 investment provides…

  • culturally sensitive individual therapy sessions for individuals and families experiencing domestic violence
  • a CAPP (Child Assault Prevention Program) presentation which allows our staff to do interactive workshops with elementary school children by teaching them about their rights and how to stay safe
  • a subject-specific clinical training for 20 counseling interns
  • materials for 5 TechGYRLS classes to build their own Rube Goldberg simple machines
  • one subscription to an online educational service for TechGYRL students
  • one month of food for a teen mom and her child

Your $500 investment provides…

  • individual counseling for individuals and children who have suffered trauma and abuse due to domestic violence in their home
  • our Rape Crisis staff to train 2 volunteers to work on our 24/7 crisis hotlines
  • 3 stress-management counseling groups of 8 sessions each helping up to 25 women cope with anxiety and acute stress
  • training for 20 pre-school teachers in a curriculum for accreditation
  • snacks for three preschoolers for one year
  • two months of weekly subsidized therapy for a low-income mother suffering from post-partum depression
  • LEGO Robots with software that allows TechGYRLS students to program the robots to avoid obstacles recognize colors, and much more
  • 32 TechGYRLS students with the opportunity to go on field trip to explore chemical reactions
  • guest speaker fees for our teen mom programs

Your $1,000 investment provides…

  • emergency shelter, case management and facilitated support groups for women and children rebuilding their lives free from violence
  • one of our Rape Crisis Legal Advocacy staff to support and advocate for a sexual assault client and their family through the reporting of the crime
  • 6 months of weekly counseling sessions for 4 low-income families
  • an eight-week stress-management counseling group to help up to eight women cope with anxiety and acute stress
  • one month of subsidized childcare for one infant

Your investment of over $1,000 provides…

  • the opportunity for a client to receive the wrap-around services each sexual assault survivor deserves, including hotline calls to a volunteer, the client’s meetings with their advocate and their counseling
  • college tuition for one semester so a teen mom can learn a skill that will support her family

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