U.S. District Court  Judge William Orrick today issued a nationwide preliminary injunction that prevents the federal government from implementing President Trump’s Executive Order to deny federal funds to so-called “sanctuary jurisdictions.”  

“A great victory was won today, as the Court recognized the devastating, real-life impacts de-funding so-called ‘sanctuary jurisdictions’ would have on communities across America.” – YWCA Silicon Valley CEO, Tanis Crosby


YWCA Silicon Valley, represented by the American Civil Liberties Union, presented arguments to the court in favor of the preliminary injunction, and will continue in its efforts to intervene in the case on the side of the cities and counties challenging the Executive Order.


“We are gratified that the court recognized the profound danger to our democracy posed by the President’s attempt to exercise unconstitutional powers.  The Executive Order would have harmed the essential work of nonprofit organizations like YWCA Silicon Valley, which use federal funds to provide vital services in their local communities,” said   William Freeman, a senior staff attorney with the ACLU of Northern California.


With your help, YWCA is standing up for survivors and fighting harmful policies that perpetuate fear and insecurity.  Survivors of violence are afraid of being deported, even while in the midst of securing their immigration status and cooperating with law enforcement.


“I am afraid to lose my safety, my liberty, my dreams – to lose my daughter and never see her again.” – YWCA client, immigrant, and survivor of domestic violence 



“We are proud of YWCA Silicon Valley for defending what is at the core of their work: supporting the healing process for victims of domestic violence in their community,” stated the California Partnership to End Domestic Violence. “YWCA Silicon Valley stood up for what is right amid astonishing anti-immigrant policies and rhetoric.”


YWCA Silicon Valley wholeheartedly congratulates Santa Clara County in its fight against this unconstitutional executive order.   Dozens of non-profit organizations submitted amicus briefs, with the Silicon Valley Council of Non Profits and the California Association of Non Profits and the Silicon Valley Law Foundation playing key roles.


YWCA Silicon Valley remains unbowed in our determination to protect essential services for victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, and human trafficking. We will continue to advocate by all means necessary on behalf of those we serve.


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YWCA Silicon Valley is seeking to join Santa Clara County as a plaintiff in a lawsuit seeking a preliminary injunction to block President Trump’s Executive Order to defund “Sanctuary Jurisdictions.”

If enforced, this Executive Order could effectively remove nearly 40% of our operating budget, thereby causing immediate, direct, and irreparable harm to the extremely vulnerable population we serve.

YWCA is one of the largest providers of domestic violence services and provides critical services to victims of domestic abuse, sexual assault, and human trafficking – this work and these issues receive support across the political spectrum and must be protected.

“De-funding” sanctuary cities,  counties and states is not just an intellectual exercise: this action will have real — and devastating — impacts right here in Santa Clara, and on local communities across America.

If the Executive Order is enforced, it will drive victims underground and out of the reach of law enforcement efforts to bring crime perpetrators to justice.

YWCA Silicon Valley is a critical provider of services to domestic violence, sexual assault, and human trafficking victims, but it is not the only one. YWCA Silicon Valley takes this action to ensure critical services for victims of domestic violence, sexual assault and human trafficking in ‘sanctuary jurisdictions’ are protected.


Joint Statement

Fact Sheet & FAQ’s

Statement from the California Partnership to End Domestic Violence

“How 3 of Donald Trump’s Executive Orders Target Communities of Color”






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